Switching from iPhone - am I doing the math right?

I'm considering switching from ATT/iPhone 3gs back to VZW with the Incredible.

My situation is that I have a Family Share with 4 lines - mine and my wife's iPhones and 2 regular phones for my dad and my mother-in-law. Monthly rate'wise - VZW and ATT are very similar for me.

I've only been with ATT for about a year and have been unhappy with the service and coverage - and miss VZW's coverage for where I am.

Problem is my ETF with ATT is $495 total across all 4 lines - BUT - VZW has a special in my area of $100 credit per line to come back - so the idea of a $95 overall hit isn't so bad now.

My thinking is that once we switch I can wipe my 32gb 3GS and my wifes 16gb 3GS which are both spotless and sell them for around $300 and $200 respectively. My local Craigslist has a bunch of 3GS's in and around $350 but I honestly don't know if they're even selling at that point.

So.....am I crazy thinking I can get around $500 for both iPhones - and switch back to VZW with Incredibles for my wife and I and end up at about a wash - money'wise?

I'd also appreciate any and all replies from anyone that's moved away from iPhone to a Droid and your experiences. I like the iPhone but hate ATT - plus I'm a tinkerer and would like to be able to customize my phone (w/o jailbreaking).

Thanks in advance.


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