Moto G5 Plus -- Recorded Video Has Incorrect Timestamp. Pictures are fine though.

Hi friends. I have a Motorola G5 Plus. The date/time on the phone is correct, however when I take videos, I noticed the EXIF data when read on my computer is set ahead several hours. Pictures, however, are just fine.

Below is an example output when I read the EXIF data from a sample video.

[email protected]:/mnt/vault/unsorted_pictures$ exiftool -time:all -s VID_20171225_214456599.mp4
FileModifyDate : 2017:12:25 21:47:02-05:00
FileAccessDate : 2017:12:25 21:47:00-05:00
FileInodeChangeDate : 2017:12:25 21:47:02-05:00
CreateDate : 2017:12:26 02:45:00
ModifyDate : 2017:12:26 02:45:00
TrackCreateDate : 2017:12:26 02:45:00
TrackModifyDate : 2017:12:26 02:45:00
MediaCreateDate : 2017:12:26 02:45:00
MediaModifyDate : 2017:12:26 02:45:00

[email protected]:/mnt/vault/unsorted_pictures$ date
Mon Dec 25 21:47:23 EST 2017

The "CreateDate" field, and related fields below it, is what's wrong. As I type this message, my clock says Dec 25th 10:04 PM. Meanwhile, in the second line you can see I ran the "date" command, yielding the current date/time of the computer. 21:47 translates to 9:47 PM. The FileModifyDate is shown correctly, but the CreateDate field is not, citing Dec 26th at the 2 AM hour. Clearly it's not December 26th yet, so... something isn't lining up properly here.

It's worth noting that the CreateDate field is the one taken when the image/video was captured. Even if I edit this exact file, it will not change the CreateDate field. Instead, editing files only update their FileModifyDate field, which is fueling this confusion even more as CreateDate should not be affected -- yet like I said, somehow, it's writing a future time, ahead by approximately 5 hours.

I cleared the data/cache for the camera app, no dice. I also installed a separate camera app from the Play Store to compare against the default Camera app. No change.

Any ideas?

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