Successfully Root Alcatel OT-908

Finally it's possible to root Alcatel OT-908 with Windows7

After much research I discovered little information about rooting the phone,
seemed like It was like finding a needle in a haystack.
It had led me trying al kinds of Apps supposedly for rooting, I tried
and tried but none seemed to work.

- tried Z4root did not root
- tried lots of others like Universal AndRoot, but the result ... no root
- tried the latest Gingerbreak v.1.2 , This will work on OT-908 with old Firmware (FRG83G.v61S-0)
However it did not root my Alcatel OT-908 from the store because it had the latest Firmware (FRG83G.v63N-0)
To make it work you must use SuperOneClick, read below on how-to.

STEP 1 :
Turn on USB DEBUGGING op your phone :
(in the menu, then settings, then applications, then development, and then making sure USB debugging is on).

STEP 2 :
You must have ADB DRIVERS installed.
See download links below

STEP 3 :
You must have ALCATEL QUALCOMM USB DRIVERS installed.
See download links below

STEP 4 :
Download and extract the latest version of SuperOneClick.
The version that I used was SuperOneClick v2.2 ,
See download links below

Once the ADB Drivers and QUALCOMM USB Drivers are installed, you can simply rightclick SuperOneClick.exe as administrator
(Important , run as Administrator!)
And when SuperOneClick opens , simply press the Root button, and the rooting process should start automatically
and just wait until everything finishes you will get a message if it's been successfull.
It will ask to install busybox. (This is optional)

Congratulations, you are now equipped with a rooted phone, and you should have superuser access on your android phone´s program list.

If it fails ......
Bring your phone into recovery mode ;
You will have to shut down the phone make sure it's off,
then turn it on holding the POWER + VOLUME DOWN buttons and holding them until the screen goes on
As soon as the screen goes on and you see lights, press the HOME button and you are in recovery mode,
quickly plug in the phone on your computers USB port.

This is where the drivers must be installed.
If you have not installed the ADB and ALCATEL drivers windows will at this time ask for drivers and you should just let windows try and find the driver online, let it search and in most cases that is all you need. If it still doesn't recognize all the drivers you should point to the ADB folder in SuperOneClick or in the extracted ADB Driver folder and the ALCATEL QUALCOMM USB DRIVERS folder.

Once the ADB Drivers and QUALCOMM USB Drivers are installed, you can simply rightclick SuperOneClick.exe as administrator
(Important , run as Administrator!)
It's important you do this right after you booted, or the superoneclick program might freeze i've tried it many times and I'm sure this is when it worked, so right after you turned it on through recovery.

(power on + volume down until screen goes on, release and press HOME)

Right after you have done this little procedure correctly you hook it up to USB on your PC and quickly open superoneclick (rightclick administrator open)
and quickly press the ROOT button. (Do this very fast as waiting too long will not work)

You will see it run multiple tasks and when completed it will tell you it's completed and your phone is rooted.

It might ask you if you want busybox to be installed, you can choose
yes or no, but i recommend to just have it installed it may make things easier for you in the future if you plan to do more then just rooting your phone.

That's it.

Once it's completed, you should have the superuser application in your menu.
You can test to see if you have rooted successfull with root checker from the Android Market (a Freeware APP which lets you test if you've got a successfully rooted android phone).

If you have succeeded I recommend rebooting.

You should be having the pleasure of having a rooted Alcatel OT-908

If there are any questions, problems please reply and i will be back from time to time to answer questions.

Good luck to you all !


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