removing wifi scan ro. lines from build.prop & using setprop "on demand" wifi call?

If I understand correctly, many people add certain lines to their build prop to allow settings on the device as read only i.e ro.

However for many people having this as set could mean in such cases where wifi scan interval is set to hi (or more frequent i.e 20)to enable maintained wifi connection during calls....that they will suffer with some amounts of battery drain.

Other people who are not interested in wifi calling could (could and usually do) set the scanning to a much high (or infrequent scan value of like 180) this is fine in most cases where battery consumption is considerably less and more desirable and even better when coupled with a modem to suit their region, provider and band.

But lets say someone uses wifi calling, but they don't want to permanently "set" i.e. an ro line within the build prop to constantly scan 20 when they are not on a wifi call. This is mostly true for most wifi callers around, unless the phone they are using is a dedicated inhouse wifi device (and yes I have considered a nice lil cheaper to do this with my self) anyway I hope you guys can see where I am headed with this?

Could say a script be generated where when a process is enabled that it calls the script to ramp up wifi scanning to a smaller more frequent value 20 when "ON A WIFI CALL" (that being the process) and then revert to a lower value (set otherwise so to speak) and conserve batter when "NOT ON A WIFI CALL" ?

If so can someone direct me with how to go about doing this?

I am in the process of setting up an installation package for T-mobile users on ICS using Galaxy S & variants of....and would like to include in my installation package a way of detecting and removing the wifi scan intival from the build.prop ro line and then paste the my scripting within system.

I already know how to make a install script that does the detect and CHANGE or detect and REMOVE in the build prop for ALL types of ICS Galaxys.....however I am not sure about how to generate and then intitate an "on-demand" scripting for wifi calls? I assume that this is a setprop type function if so long as the ro function is gone (which is a read only and set at a higher precedent than any other functions if I believe right?)

Any help or pointed would be greatly appreciated.


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