[Q] Mv systemtuner -> out of /sys into user apps. PLEASE HElp

Hi, please please please help... I guess im an idiot. And i "sort of knew" what i was doing....

I moved system tuner into the user apps out of sys and immediately got errors almost back to back as everything on my phone crashed, i tried desperately to navigate back and undo the process before the phone died but i failed and now im really scared its bricked.

I cant reboot its stuck on logo (no animation)
I cant safe boot (stuck on logo and says "starting rsd protocol.

Please is there any thing i can do, any way to reverse this, i was just gunna go into safemode and move it back. Do i need to flash over a recover? Can i even? Im so scared its bricked :(

I also have super user installed and i set it to auto allow but after the move this was changed? Default set to no when system tuner app asked to switch and that messed it all up?

Please please please help, sorry if this is bad section im not sure why my acnt is "new" its yrs old and ive even helped some noob programmers on here in the past, yes noobs can help noobs ;)

So even if u have ideas let me know... Im scared :(

Android 2.3 moto atrix

Edit: yes im rooted, no custom roms. kay ima just sit here the next seventeen hrs waiting while i surf the web, thanks so much to anyone who even reads this! Ive done so much worse learning to "program" for android. I mean i cant believe i didnt brick it in the past, these things seem unbrickable (hope).

Edit2: wow this is gunna be a long one... Zero finds online... Zero :/ i tried taking battery out for a while didnt work... Not sure what that does anyway... Reset some kind of voltage dependent cached info?

Edit3: going to try to put this in a more appropriate section. Sorry i didnt mean to put it here :/ grrrrrr sry

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