[Q] Resize the NAND (system partition)

Please can someone help me to resize the system partition of an Android JB 4.2.2 on cubieboard?

Image: sun7i_android_sugar-cubieboard2-8192cu.img

I need more room (it's only 512MB) to install apps.
Well, the APP disk space (nand partition) is very small and the internal "sdcard" too big.
When I install a few applications the space runs out and the system becomes unstable.

I need to increase the nand and decrease internal sdcard to gain more room to my apps...

Well, I started the process by using the tools:

1) To unpack/repack: imgRePacker_204
2) The image ROM: sun7i_android_sugar-cubieboard2-8192cu.img (Android 4.2.2)
3) To burn to flash: PhoenixSuit1.0.6
unpacking the ROM creates a folder named sun7i_android_sugar-cubieboard2-8192cu.img.dump

So, somewhere in internet I see to change the sys_partition.fex file, and search the system nand partition:

;------------------------------>mmcblk0p8/nande [partition] name = data size = 1048576 user_type = 0x2

so, I change 1048576 to 2097152 (2097152 * 1024 = 2GB)

but :

1) In installed android, the system has only 512MB and not 1GB as show.
2) By increasing this value, nothing happens when I repack back to IMG and flash to the nand.

(all unpak, change, pack, flash process is fine ! )

Here is my devices list and size:

NAME SIZE MOUNTPOINT LABEL nand 3.8G |-nand1 16M Volumn |-nand2 16M |-nand3 16M |-nand4 512M |-nand5 512M |-nand6 16M |-nand7 32M |-nand8 320M |-nand9 16M PRIVATE |-nand10 256M `-nand11 2.1G mmcblk0 14.4G |-mmcblk0p1 900M / `-mmcblk0p2 13.5G EXTRA

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