What is going on with the quality of Android?

Hi all,

My girlfriend had an iphone but kept smashing the screen on it, so we went halvies on the xperia z1. She was enthralled initially, but before long started asking questions about the phone, and how to use it, etc.

First thing she asked was, how do I search the phone? I'm like, actually... I'm not sure. So after a bit of rummaging, turns out theres actually no way to do this. Hangouts doesn't offer any way to search SMS's... on the iPhone the search function searches both messages, notes, calendar, etc etc.

Secondly, she asked for a decent notes app. The notes app that comes with the xperia z1 isn't customizable at all, and other ones (like evernote) are endlessly complex and customizable, which is not what she wants. She just wants a horizontal line by line notes app. I ended up showing her Keep (by google) and that seems to be working okay. I think she can search through them okay as well.

Thirdly, whenever she tries to navigate anywhere on google maps, the first thing that comes up is "google text to speech engine has closed". Then navigation works fine, but the TTS system crashing every time on startup is a bit concerning (this is a problem that I've had as well).

Fourthly, on the iPad and iPhone they have iBooks. Now, iBooks can open PDF's and Word documents and present everything in a snazzy bookshelf view. On Android, theres no alternative. Theres no app that gives you the same bookshelf view while being able to show both PDF's and Doc's.

Then theres the general quality of the apps. The email app is ghastly. The Gmail app is amazing, but the default email app looks like it hasn't been updated in years. Using the purpose built outlook application to send emails doesn't work either (on both her phone and my phone, emails get stuck in the outlook outbox).

I don't use the features that she uses, but man alive, anyone making the switch from iPhone to Android phones.... it would be a traumatic one. On a flagship Z1, to have the TTS engine crash when navigation starts, amongst other issues, is seriously frustrating. I really don't know why I encouraged the switch to the Z1.

Now, with google getting more hostile with the integration of their products, its starting to affect the quality of the platform (or I feel that way, at least). Gmail app? Awesome. Default email app? Terrible. Hangouts as an SMS app? Its okay, but it keeps trying to get me to use google+ hangouts. No, thats not what I want to do, I just want to send an SMS!

Apple has no such alliegences...their messaging app doesnt try to ram a social networking solution down your throat. Messaging just messages. Email just emails.

Anyway, rant over. Can anyone provide recommendations or solutions as to the above? I'd love to keep her as an Android user if we can figure the issues out...


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