[Q] Bootloader unlocking and clean rom flash.


I have a Asus zenfone 6 however my problem also occurs on the zenfone 5 phones.
The poblem is as follows,
After updating from stock to latest android (v1,18 at the time) the phones battery display became incorrect making the Phone unreliable at bestand nothing seems to help fixing the problem.
I have tried a million calibratnig apps with zero success as suspect the phones software doesnt actualy understand that it has a 3230 mah battery.
I have found and compared files with a working zenfone6 where the file displays 2070mah for me and 3230 for the working Phone.
I then tried to manualy change this file had no acces even with root but every reboot or unplug it just resets the file anyway as it gets its data elsewhere.
I have tried a factory reset but not everything was actualy reset it just deleted my data but roo and all othr crap that the update screwed up was still there.
I tried ADB sideload but that didnt work and udupdates as ota so will not factory reset and remove root anyway.
I contaced asus but they are as clueless as a goats rear and just say a future update will adress it...Which we al know isnt going
to happen as this has bin a issue for some users for over half a year and they didnt fix it.

So as a final attempt to fix this Phone im planning on unlocking the botloader which i really didnt want to do as im new to all that and just want a rooted stock rom...

So to my question.
If i unlock the bootloader i know the Phone will be wiped. Will i just be able to flash any version of the stock rom via ADB or is there other things i need to do to either the Phone or the rom?
I cant go screw up my Phone without knowing how to fix and flash it again directly.
And do apps like the one asus provide usualy also allow relocking of he bootloader again after flashing the rom as i dont want to leave it open if there is no need to?

Any other ideas are welcome aswell but i have bin trying to solve this for over a month.
Heres a screenshot of the error i get when i try to reflash current rom with ADB.

But as long as that doest a full clean rom install its not helping me anyway.

i really hope someone has a easy and quick way to do a fresh install that will really make the Phone like it was just out
of the box software wise. no root no changes or anything as factory reset is not doing that for me.

Thanks in advance.

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