[Q] Strange GPS behaviour on Huawei Ascend Y550

Hi all,
this is my very first post here on xda, so please forgive me if this is not the proper section for my thread. I searched for other thread about similar issues, but I didn't find anyone. I'm Italian, so I even hope to not being wrong in English writing.

I recently bought (on November 2014) an Huawei Ascend Y550-L01 (Android 4.4.4, EMUI 2.3, ROM B137), coming from a (Portuguese) Samsung Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5512. Soon I experienced a very strange GPS behaviour: GPS turns itself off. No problem in signal fixing, nor in quality or precision. It simply deactivates.

First I noticed this using the OruxMaps app (which works fine on many phones, even my old one), simply recording the track. Indeed, at the beginning the app was being killed (because of the integrated task-killer) when screen was off, but after setting it as a "protected" app, when I record a track, GPS works while screen is on and, if screen turns off, then most of the times (not always) GPS is deactivated from within Android settings.

I even received (from the purchasing time) some GPS errors while in the home screen... I don't remember exactly that error, but in a fast Internet search it was told being caused from the weather widget, precisely from the "actual position" setting. I deactivated it and added manually my town and those errors were gone.

Then I noted another strange behaviour: GPS turns off even in standby, during night. It is on "extreme precision" on evening and it's off at morning. Sometimes I notice these deactivation (in the notification menu or into the energy saving widget) while I'm using the phone (but always when screens is off), without any error or message popping out... It simply gets deactivated.

Any other experiencing this strange issue? What could be the cause? I sent a mail to official support, but they asked me to take the phone in a service point... I can't stay without phone, so I would like to avoid this if it's not strictly needed.

I think it's a ROM issue (said that even in the mail), but unfortunately still there is no alternative one (or at least I found none). I think also that (almost) every app that uses GPS suffers for the same behaviour I faced using OruxMaps.

PS: phone IS rooted by a couple of week, but I'm facing this issue from the first day.

What the hell is going on? Any help, idea or trying suggestion is appreciated...
Many thanks!

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