$50 bounty for SMS backup / Restore on LG G4 stock T-mobile

I currently have a rooted S4 on kitkat and purchased a LG G4 from T-Mobile. I'm sure this is an easy thing and I've not been able to backup and restore all of my MMS / SMS from the old phone.

1. I have 85,000 msgs. Yes, I want them all.
2. Yes I want my MMS AND SMS. Yes. All of them.
3. Yes. I want the Emojis too. Though not as important

I've tried SMS backup / restore and it takes over 48 hours. First time it crashed. Then reset phone to factory defaults and did it again as it takes too long to delete all of the messages again. After the factory reset, I did it again and it said it only restored 75,000 out of the 75,000. This doesn't make sense because when I do the backup on the S$ it's over 86k, and when I started the process it said it was over 86,000. Yet it said it did them all.

That seemed to work okay. MMS and all. However, on a couple dozen threads it came in on TODAY's date. I read online you just need to open them with stock app, open the thread, and it works. No dice. All but the last few said they came in today. No clue why. Strange thing is that it was only the last 4-5 that were today's date. Rest were okay.

So here is what I am offering a bounty for. I can't believe it takes me about 10-15 mins to extract all of my messages and over 48 hours to shove them back in. That sounds crazy to me. Especially since this G4 has a ton of ram and processing power. I would like to do it WITHOUT root, but if I need to ROOT I guess I can do that too. It's been over a week and I still can't use my new phone because I can't get these messages into it.

I have been all over google and haven't found any good answers. Top rated answer that works will receive the bounty. It's a way you guys can help me (In case I missed something on another forum) and I can help you by throwing some money your way. I've found threads but some were old and I can't imagine this 48 hour method is the best way.


P.S. I'll throw an extra $25 bucks to the person who helps me merge my SMS backup+ that sent it to my gmail account and this XML method. Back then it would backup my MMS too but not restore them. I would like all of the SMS and MMS from my gmail somehow thrown back into one giant file? Is this even possible? It's been years and it says this feature isn't available yet. (SMS BACKUP+)

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