Trying to recover a soft-bricked HTC One S - unable to access recovery


How it happened

I rooted my HTC One S, then flashed CyanogenMod on it. Used it for a few months, very happy with it. Then I tried to update - automatically, not manually (that was mistake number 1). The phone was then stuck in a bootloop into recovery. (Off>Recovery>Off>Recovery). I didnt know what to do, so I pressed 'Reset phone', or something like that. Since then, the problem has gotten much worse. Now there's a different bootloop: Off>HTC opening screen. That's it. Im desperately trying to access recovery mode, to flash a new ROM to fix the situation.

What did I try
1. Power + VolumeDown does nothing.
2. Installed the HTC One S toolkit. When pressing 'boot into recovery', it says 'device not found'.
3. Tried to boot into recovery from ABD tools, but it says device not found. I tried putting screenshots here, but XDA forum new user limitation doesnt let me. Anyway, if you add this to the imgur url, youll see the screenshots (sorry about this inconvenienace):

Phone is stuck in a bootloop. Cant access recovery. Is there any way to fix this situation?

Thank you very much in advance for your time to help me out.

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