Application icons location?

I am trying to find where the application icons are stored, or some way of assigning the correct icon in an XML file.
I am editing the 3D Box "3D Box.config" file and there I can create new drawers with new applications and their corresponding icons. But I don't know the location of the program icons.
Here is an excerpt of the XML file:

<KnownAppDrawer DrawerName="Video"> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="Core Player" Path="\Program Files\CorePlayer\player.exe" ImagePath="\Program Files\CorePlayer\player.exe"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="TCPMP" Path="\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe" ImagePath="\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="vTap" Path="\Program Files\vTap\vTap.exe" ImagePath="\Program Files\vTap\vTap.exe"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="YouTubePlayer" Path="\Program Files\youtubeplay\youtubeplay.exe" ImagePath="\Program Files\youtubeplay\youtubeplay.exe"/> </KnownAppDrawer> <KnownAppDrawer DrawerName="Entertainment"> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="One Seg TV" Path="\Windows\OneSegL.exe" ImagePath="applications\icon_oneseg.png"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="Windows Media Player" Path="\Windows\wmplayer.exe" ImagePath="applications\icon_mediaplayer.png"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="Camera" Path="\Windows\ShCamera.exe" ImagePath="applications\icon_shcamera.png"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="Images and Video" Path="\Windows\pimg.exe" ImagePath="applications\icon_imagevierwer.png"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="Bubble Breaker" Path="\Windows\BubbleBreaker.exe" ImagePath="applications\icon_bubblebreaker.png"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="Solitaire" Path="\Windows\solitare.exe" ImagePath="applications\icon_solitaire.png"/> <KnownApplication FriendlyName="E-Book Reader" Path="\Windows\XMDFViewer.exe" ImagePath="applications\icon_bunkoviewer.png"/> </KnownAppDrawer>

The VIDEO drawer is one that I created. As you can see for the below original drawer, the icons are in a folder called "applications". I was unable to find such a folder anywhere on the device, nor the icons individually.
I tried assigning the path as in the Start Menu .lnk files but this doesn't work.
Any ideas much appreciated.

PS. 3D Box is an Emobile application found on Sharp's Em One device - but I am pretty sure the app. can be installed on other devices that have robust graphics accelerators. (the red button on the right)

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