Is that my phone about to die?

Hello, my phone is LG G3. And I hope you could take a minute to give a quick overview on the config of my phone down below :
*CM 13
* No junk apps
* No xposed has installed
* No fancy plugin
* Aggressive under-voltage + under-frequency settings
* Low performance GPU setting
* Wi-Fi on when I in the coverage ; Bluetooth always on and connected to the headsets constantly ; GPS always off; NFC always disabled; TP hotspot deactivated most of the time.

*No mobile data / 3G / LTE 4G ----- all of these network modes are tested

No matter what I have tried (even applied the thermal paste on the CPU die)
High CPU temp about 60-70 Celsius , Bad battery life (50% brightness with no heavy task, only 2-3hrs SOT)

The highlighted item is what I think the main reason of the issue, but I can't sure. Because it sounds weird to say the Bluetooth could drain the battery and heat up the phone like this. I have never met this before.

Although the battery life is look bad even nothing is running in the background, the battery really drain even faster while the bluetooth running.

The battery status shows :
Bluetooth 136%
Screen 2%
Other apps 1%

What the heck is this happening? 136%??! sometimes could be more than that! I have seen more than 500%!
And the line [computed power use] that under the battery status of the Bluetooth shows [78841mAh]

How crazy.... is that my phone about to die? Or the bluetooth module just broken? Please help

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