[Conundrum] On AT&T, looking to escape.

So I've gotten myself into a pickle. Let me start this by saying that staying on AT&T is not an option for personal reasons.

Current situation: HTC Inspire 4G with an unlimited data plan on AT&T.
Living in NY metro area with great coverage.
Got the green light from AT&T to cancel my contract with no ETF if I want.

Hopes & Dreams: Have a great phone on a future-proof network (LTE for example) while guaranteeing myself unlimited data.

Obviously I have a lot to weigh here:

AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile.

I feel like this is pure bad news if I were to stay with AT&T or switch to T-Mobile. If I stay AT&T, prices are sure to go up, and sure I keep my unlimited data, but the network is going nowhere fast. 4G is bullshit. 3.5G at best. All in all, the real innovation and envelope pushing just isn't happening here.

Verizon's LTE & Tiered Data.

From what I hear, the speeds are gorgeous. I checked and I'm in a hot coverage area. But I also hear indoor coverage sucks, and the LTE > 3G handoff is sloppy and leads to service drops.

Then there's the tiered data. I'm sure if I were to wait too long, I'll miss the boat on unlimited LTE data. Hence the reason I feel I need to make a move soon.


Short & sweet: Is the 4G good? Phone selection ramping up any time soon? What's hot now? The Pre 3 looks amazing, but if it'll be on Verizon, I'm not sure what Sprint may have to lure me in.


Just kidding

Anyway, any and all input is appreciated. I'm just not sure where to go and how.
Keep in mind I need to do the carrier change by May 4th.


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