How to set Voodoo Control as "high priority"

I have Droid Charge/Infinity
Also, have VoodooControls Plus. By Supercurio.

Here's best I can do description of the issue:

1. turn Tunewiki or Pandora on
2. plug in aux cable to connect to stereo
3. press volume button up
4. 2 green slides show on the screen - one for device volume and one, at the bottom, for analog volume, which is Voodoo volume.
5. both show 100% volume. actual output volume is quite low
6. stream music for about 25 minutes (that's what I found after weeks of observing it). during this time, you can press volume button up, volume does not change. as in it does not get louder
7. after 25 or so minutes, press volume button up
8. at this point, 2 green volume gauges on the screen will show: upper, device volume, at full; lower, analog, or Voodoo volume, will be at 75%. this happens by itself, without actually lowering volume with the phone volume button
9. press phone volume button up, and it will go back to 100% on analog, except that this time, it will be really loud.
normally, because of this, I start streaming with car stereo set to 21 on volume. after 25 minutes, I have to turn it down to about 13, so much difference it makes.
can't explain it any better. what it is, is like as if volume voodoo amplifications starts at "choked" level, without being brought to full power, and then, after about 25 minutes, it goes full throttle, loud, good bass, very powerful. been like this ever I installed your pgm, which is about what - 2 mths or so? Had it reinstalled few times too, when I changed ROMs on the phone. it's the same problem regardless of ROM.

here's response from Supercurio:

supercurio wrote:
> Ok I guess I think what it is.
> By working on another project, LOUDER for Galaxy S II (written from scratch) I learned how to set a higher priority to the services
> I think when I'll be able to backport that to Voodoo Sound it should solve the issue
As usual, no ETA

Anyone knows, how to fix that lag? It's extremely annoying and distracting, as I use it only when streaming music driving.

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