[Q] Can't text since porting my number

I recently left Orange (UK) and went with Virgin for a month and now I'm back with Orange. Each time I took my number with me except this time something has gone wrong. Ever since my porting day (Monday) I haven't been able to send a text, yet, I can make/receive calls, use data and even receive texts.

I originally thought my accidental wiping of the SMSC was the cause of the problem but having restored that (using and asking them to give me a update text) it seems it was just a coincidence (although, I'm not convinced).

I have spoken to Orange four times this week and on Tuesday I was told that Virgin had not properly released my number and that it would be up to the porting department. Said department rang me the following day (Wednesday) and said that my number would properly port by midnight that night (i.e. by now).

I rang again today and Orange said Virgin had still not released 'the files' regarding my number and that it would be done by midnight. I poliletely told the lady that I didn't believe her and she's promised to ring me back tomorrow after it has been sorted.

To me, this all sounds a bit fishy. I don't understand how I am able to make/receive calls, etc. and just not send texts. Am I right to be suspicious? Has anybody experienced any similar problem? Does it sound plausible? Maybe I'm being too cynical but I'm getting sick of spending half an hour a day on the phone to them and still not being able to use my brand new phone how I'd like!

Thank you for your time and I hope someone can cheer me up!

P.S. For the record I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I have tried a different sim in the phone which worked and my Orange sim in a different phone which didn't work. When a text fails to send I get no error whatsoever, just 'Message failed to send, retry?'.

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