[Q] Sprint Tablet Help-Is ZTE Optik V55 worth contract/Replacment Alternatives?

First, you guys are awesome. I have learned so much from this site and did my first successful root a few days ago on another phone.

There is a great thread on the ZTE Optik V55, which seems to be a niche thread and not widely used model. The guys on there seemed to have put in so much work to get kernels, roots, and at creating roms-which look like they have flaws.

I purchased tablet because of its specs, was a store model I got for $81, but mainly because I have a sprint contract that I am tied into because of the awful HTC Evo shift. I missed special they had of 300MB for $15, so am now paying $35 for 3GB...the insurance costs $13/mo...you can buy them on ebay for $81...depending on availability obviously...I cancelled it.

I hate Honeycomb...runs on 3.2, 1GB and 1.2 Dual Core S3 may as well be a 256kb and chip from 90's, but I love the battery 4000mAh...wifi and bluetooth are great, and if i use it as a remote desktop, 95% of my problems go away. I know I only paid $81 for it, but does anybody who has rooted, flashed, and optimized it love it enough to be their tablet through 2014? Also, I wont waste anyones time with rooting or rom questions, that just takes time to learn and skill by the people who developed. What can i run to optimize it?

Does anyone have a replacement suggestion from sprint that has 3G/4G?...hate IOS, the HTC evo view had an S2 snapdragon...the specs from the optik looked to be much better....and I am not a huge HTC fan?

Epic 4G Touch SPH-D710
ZTE Optik V55

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