Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Why is my half of my screen grey?

Hello everyone,

My Note 4 has been acting up in past few days. When it goes on standby mode and I turn the phone back on by pressing the power button or the home button, half of my screen turns grey. (see screenshots) However, after a while of not using my phone or leaving it charging, the screen goes back to normal after turning it on.

I tried restarting my phone a couple of times to fix the issue while it was happening and then faced a different (perhaps related?) problem. My phone would turn off, and then not turn back on again. The blue indicator light would flash every few seconds but the phone would not turn on even if I had it plugged in charging. The way I solved this was by leaving the battery out for a few hours and then putting it back in. The phone would then turn on like it's supposed to. The grey screen problem still happens though. I'm definitely avoiding turning this phone back off.

One thing thats odd about this is that I'm not sure if this is a hardware problem or a software problem. When the screen is back to normal, I can use my phone for hours without the grey screen issue. Then the MOMENT I press the power button to put my phone on standby and then turn it back on, it has the grey scale problem.

The screen randomly fixes itself without me doing something. I pretty much turn it on and if it still has the problem I leave it on standby for a bit longer. I check it again, and suddenly it works. Sometimes I leave it charged, sometimes I don't. There seems no correlation between battery life or anything that I noticed and the problem starting or stopping.

If anyone can offer me any help, it'd be fantastic! I have searched everywhere for a similar issue but it seems as if I'm the first one to have this particular problem!



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