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Hello. I'm sure this has been asked bunch of times, but whenever I google it, I get opposite results.

So.. I want my phone not to save battery. Like.. I want my notifications to come through instantly. Now only few apps are capable of doing that (calls, messages, alarm clock). But all other apps - like gmail, skype or FB Messenger are not. I only receive notifications when I wake up my device (or when someone starts spamming me messages, after like 5th message they come through, so I guess phone is receiving those messages, just not putting them through). Whenever I google solutions for this, I only get tips on how to make it worse (because for some reason everyone just want to save their batteries) or nothing that actually worked.
What I have done so far:
Battery optimization - off for every single application (even system).
Background activity manager - looks off (there is no toggle, only the 'blacklist', which is off).
Background activity cleaner - off.
Every app has 'Urgent' notification importance.
Phone is not rooted (nor it can be.. stupid Nokia policy). Android 8.1. Nokia 5.
Battery power saver - off (obviously).
Looks like I have data saving modes turned off (I might have missed some, but I only do not get notifications while device is sleeping).
Factory reset (multiple times (for various reasons)). I never received real-time notifications on this phone while it's sleeping.

I contacted Nokia support team, but they took 30 minutes to tell me to reboot the phone, so decided not to wait another half an hour to tell me to clear apps' cache.

I saw that with ADB I could turn off doze, but as I understood, it's temporary as restarting the phone brings this 'feature' back, but I have to restart this phone every day or two due to not a huge amount of RAM (2GB) as it fills up with trash and restarting the phone brings me the best performance, so it's really not a great option. Edit: also, it didn't help

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